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MSTA Membership Awards

If you know of a science teacher, university person, administrator or organization in Montana who deserves recognition for contributing to science education in Montana and beyond, please consider nominating them for an MSTA Award in one of the following areas:

Elementary / Earth Science / Chemistry /
University member Middle School Science / Biology / Distinguished Service / Physics Administrator / Organization or Group

Criteria for selection is based in part, but not limited to, the following: longevity or service, contribution to topic area, participation in MSTA and/or NSTA, presentation of workshops, improvement of fellow teachers and community service.

The deadline for nominations is OCTOBER 15, 2018.

MSTA awards nomination application

Stacia L. Micheletto, M.D. Early Career Scholarship
This scholarship to awarded to an early career teacher (0-5 years experience) in the amount of $500.00 to assist the awardee with expenses related to attending a regional or national science teachers conference.
It is expected that the awardee will submit an article to the newsjournal after attending the conference.

Stacia Micheletto Award Application

2016 MSTA Award Recipients

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